Introduction to BCU

Founded in March 2018, Blockchain United is formed by elites from all over the world in finance, technology, IT, marketing, consulting, etc.. BCU is committed to breaking through the barriers between the real world and the digital world, helping blockchain technology to complete the perfect landing in life, fundamentally gaining the operational efficiency of human society. Blockchain United is mainly composed of three major departments: digital investment bank, digital financial fund and blockchain R&D center. It provides comprehensive support for the innovation and development of blockchain projects and the realization of blockchains for traditional industries. As of July 18, Blockchain United has successfully provided investment banking services or technical support for more than ten blockchain projects, and is actively promoting the upgrading of several unicorn-level entities. Blockchain United is based in Australia and globally. It currently has more than 10 branches in Australia, China, North America and Southeast Asia, and is still growing rapidly.

BCU News