BCU IBD is committed to tapping and incubating the world's top blockchain projects, providing a full range of incubation services for emerging blockchain project teams, including market announcements, legal risk control, investor recommendation, and technical support, allowing project participants to focus on the product itself and helping those traditional high-quality companies better integrate blockchain technology to solve existing problems within their industries.

BCU Fund

The BCU Fund, in conjunction with many well-known investment institutions in the industry, will create the most globalized blockchain industry fund. It not only helps investors find high-quality investment targets, but also helps young and potential blockchain start-ups to obtain capital support, thus promoting the vigorous development of the blockchain industry.

BCU R&D Centre

The BCU R&D Centre has strong technical team support, and IT engineers from all over the world are working on the development of blockchain technology around the clock in all BCU branches. At the same time, the R&D Centre also cooperates with many well-known universities in China and Australia to jointly establish blockchain research laboratories and carry out talent strategic reserve plans to explore the infinite possibilities of next-generation blockchain technology.

Global BCU

R&D Partners

Strategic Partners