iStudy APP

iStudy is an educational app where users can choose a course for their children, attend a prestigious online course, and watch a famous teacher's course online. At the same time, users can also find suitable teachers for their children, learn about their children's education and so on.

Smart Face

As a professional technology company, Smart Face Fintech is concerning with the design, development and production of Artificial Intelligence System. The product developed by Smart Face Fintech combines face recognition payment system, artificial intelligence and digital economy in one, and the products can be suitably used in hotels, supermarkets, scenic areas and restaurants.

MDP Technology

The MDP Technology ( MDP ), founded in the Southern Hemisphere Financial Center - Sydney, Australia. MDP is a new generation of digital currency asset exchanges, which supports all major cryptocurrencies and many high-quality project currency transactions in the market. It is the most safe and reliable platform, a digital asset trading platform worthy of investors' trust that provides perfect legal compliance.

Slamball APP

Slamball is a sports enthusiast app. Through this app, users can discover and reserve different sports venues, find favorite sports coaches, purchase sports training courses, make friends with the same hobbies, watch real-time live matches, and publish their own sports experience.