AU and CN resources

BCU Incubation Centre provides Australian and Chinese resources to the start-ups and helps start-ups to expand overseas market.

Incubator Support

BCU Incubation Centre provides start-ups with financial, operational, technical and advisory support to help star-ups to get through early stage.

Direct Access to Investor

BCU Incubation Centre link start-ups with investors for financial support throughout the growth.


BCU WORLD is currently hosting INNO AUSTRALIA 2020 (“Competition”) initiated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (MIIT).

BCU WORLD manages Australia based incubator and venture capital that provide startups and early-stage companies with financial, technical, operational and advisory support. BCU WORLD connects start-up founders and integrates Australian and overseas resources to help founders to get through the early-stage of business.

The Competition aims to source and identify projects and teams that have innovative technology and high potential to grow. The 20 winning teams will gain access to resources and support required for a start-up from BCU WORLD as well as from CIETC.

Event Summary

Start-ups&teams will register with BCU WORLD and submit required documents before 19 November 2020 5PM (Australian Eastern Daylight Time). 20 teams will be invited to join the preliminary round of Competition.

The invited teams will be attending the preliminary round which is held on 1 December 2020 at BCU WORLD.

All projects&teams will be assessed during the competition.

The winning team will receive AUD 1,000,000 investment.