The BCU incubator establishes an industrial park and sets up a special fund in Australia. By providing high-quality start-up teams with site support, technical support, industry resource guidance, and financial support. We integrate the industrial resources of China and Australia to create a better entrepreneurial environment from a global perspective, and aim to help Australian startups expand into China and other overseas markets.

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Entrepreneurial guidance

Provide customized guidance for new ventures, help entrepreneurs clarify their entrepreneurial ideas, formulate practical business strategies, provide practical experience and resources, and assist them in rapid growth.

Business plan formulation

Provide entrepreneurs with a full range of business plan writing services, including market research, financial forecasting, risk assessment, etc., to help entrepreneurs establish effective business plans in the early stages of entrepreneurship.


Help companies locate target markets, formulate comprehensive marketing plans, including advertising, public relations activities, online and offline marketing, etc., to increase brand awareness and sales.

Brand building

Provide brand strategy and design services for enterprises, including brand logo design, VI design, brand publicity, brand promotion, etc., to establish a unique brand image of the enterprise.

Financing support

Provide enterprises with financing plan formulation, investor introduction, capital operation and other services to help enterprises obtain financing and achieve faster development.

Talent recruitment

Provide services such as enterprise recruitment demand analysis, job positioning, recruitment channel promotion, talent screening, etc., and assist companies to quickly recruit talents that meet job requirements.

Legal consulting

provide enterprises with legal risk assessment, contract review, intellectual property protection and other services to ensure legal and compliant operation of enterprises.


History of BCU WORLD

Entrepreneurship at BCU, success in the future

"The BCU World" incubator (hereinafter referred to as BCU World) was established in Sydney in 2018. After five years of development and exploration, it has helped digital immigration applicants realize innovative immigration through market pain points mining, business, scientific research, and government resource integration.

The founding team of BCU World is interdisciplinary and has diverse backgrounds. It has accumulated rich experience in investment, economics, law, marketing, execution and other fields, and its areas of expertise cover the entire life cycle of corporate growth.

BCU World has established a complete business ecosystem globally and locally in Australia, and continues to focus on global business outlets and immigration trends to help applicants solve the challenges that arise during the immigration process.

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We currently own + manage funds of more than 1.2 billion Australian dollars, and are committed to introducing entrepreneurs and Australian investors Capital circle to integrate resources.


We currently own + manage funds of more than 1.2 billion Australian dollars, and are committed to introducing entrepreneurs and Australian investors Capital circle to integrate resources.


We actively promote business cooperation between start-up companies and world-renowned technology oligarchs in order to create unique international competitiveness.


We have established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with the world's top scientific research institutes, and the eight major Australian universities have officially verified innovative concepts, bringing authoritative recognition and endorsement to start-up companies.

BCU WORLD Five-Year Achievements

The No. 1 brand in the innovative immigration industry with an original venture capital system



R&D Project










To become a world-class employment platform and career-related service provider through innovation, technology, and more importantly, the inner drive to connect, making employment for all participants involved easier than ever!

iStudy APP

iStudy is an educational app where users can choose a course for their children, attend a prestigious online course, and watch a famous teacher's course online. At the same time, users can also find suitable teachers for their children, learn about their children's education and so on.

Smart Face

As a professional technology company, Smart Face Fintech is concerning with the design, development and production of Artificial Intelligence System. The product developed by Smart Face Fintech combines face recognition payment system, artificial intelligence and digital economy in one, and the products can be suitably used in hotels, supermarkets, scenic areas and restaurants.

MDP Technology

The MDP Technology ( MDP ), founded in the Southern Hemisphere Financial Center - Sydney, Australia. MDP is a new generation of digital currency asset exchanges, which supports all major cryptocurrencies and many high-quality project currency transactions in the market. It is the most safe and reliable platform, a digital asset trading platform worthy of investors' trust that provides perfect legal compliance.

Slamball APP

Slamball is a sports enthusiast app. Through this app, users can discover and reserve different sports venues, find favorite sports coaches, purchase sports training courses, make friends with the same hobbies, watch real-time live matches, and publish their own sports experience.

Our Mentors


Our startups gain access to a network of over 50 mentors rom some of Australia’s and China’s most innovative companies.


- BCU Executive Director
- President of Asia Pacific Financial Investment Association
- Has established a number of well-knownfinancial companies
- Former Regional Manager of the World's Top 500 Enterprises

Dr Mark Sinclair

- Education Leader of Blockchain United
- Doctor of Business Administration (RMIT)
- Founder Mentor Education
- Former KPMG QCI ISO9000 Lead Auditor
- Former Manager with AT Kearney and KPMG Management Consulting

Roger Mullan

- BCU Compliance Manager
- Executive Director board roles at 4 ASIC licensed organizations
- Responsible Manager at 2 financial services business across Australian and International Capital Market


- Director of BCU WORLD
- Continuous entrepreneurs have received hundreds of millions of yuan of venture capital
- Experts in the field of e-commerce and artificial intelligence

Tracy Wei

- BCU A&D Consulting CEO
- Marketing executives of top international advertising companies
- Australian market and media experts

Michale Li

- Director of BCU WORLD
- Chief risk control officer, strategy consultant
- Senior expert in the field of business model

Wencheng QIU

- Founder and Foundation Chairman of LidoCapital
- Executive Dean,Beijing Digital And Blockchain Technology Research Institute
- Founder or cofounder of multiple blockchain projects
- Senior blockchain research expert

Leon SUN

- Founder of EOS eco-node EOSIO.SG
- 6 years of experience in social networking product design and development
- Full stack engineer with more than 10 years’ experience

John XU

- Founder of SpectreLinkers Law Firm
- Extensive financial legal service experience
- Has a Bachelor of Economics and Law from UNSW

Brian YE

- Founder and Director of CNPower Group
- Australian Institute of Certified Public Accountants
- Extensive experience in business, taxation and corporate services

George TIAN

- Senior lecturer, University of Technology Sydney
- Domain Name Arbitrator, World Intellectual Property Organization of the United Nations
- Visiting Scholar, Oxford University

Guandong XU

- Associate Professor, UTS
- Main research in data mining and data analysis, social network analysis and social media mining
- Expert in the underlying technology of Blockchain


- CBA Futures Exchange PIT Futures Trader
- ANZ Management Agency Futures Desk
- Macquarie Bank Manages Futures Desk


- Blue Fin Capital Founder
- ASX Derivatives Advisor Certification
- Citibank Global Asset Management


- Senior Blockchain Technology Expert
- Active Member of EOS Technical Community
- Years of experience in distributed service development