Introduction to BCU

Founded in March 2018, Blockchain United is formed by elites from all over the world in finance, technology, IT, marketing, consulting, etc.. BCU is committed to breaking through the barriers between the real world and the digital world, helping blockchain technology to complete the perfect landing in life, fundamentally gaining the operational efficiency of human society. Blockchain United is mainly composed of three major departments: digital investment bank, digital financial fund and blockchain R&D center. It provides comprehensive support for the innovation and development of blockchain projects and the realization of blockchains for traditional industries. As of July 18, Blockchain United has successfully provided investment banking services or technical support for more than ten blockchain projects, and is actively promoting the upgrading of several unicorn-level entities. Blockchain United is based in Australia and globally. It currently has more than 10 branches in Australia, China, North America and Southeast Asia, and is still growing rapidly.

BCU News

The 2nd Asia Pacific Fintech Summit Successfully Held in Sydney

Author crystal posted on 2019-11-25 00:00:00 UTC

From November 21st to 24th, the "Second Asia-Pacific Fintech Summit" co-sponsored by the Global Blockchain Alliance (BCU) and the Fortune International Finance Institute (FXPLUS) was successfully held at the Sydney International Convention and Exhibition Centre.



The conference was held concurrently with the “2019 Sydney Tea Fair”, bringing together many Chinese and Australian tea companies, social institutions, cultural tourism and financial professionals, focusing on the tea companies' landing in Australia, channel expansion, brand promotion, project financing, etc. The strategy of going to sea reveals the perfect integration of the real economy and fintech.




BCU drives ecological development of blockchain industry


Blockchain technology is one of the most frequently discussed innovation areas in today's digital transformation of business and society. It is due to technical characteristics such as decentralization, reliability, and anti-fraud security, which provide a large number of new applications and cooperation Opportunities for innovation.



How does the real economy use blockchain to realize asset securitization and information digitization on the chain? Through blockchain technology to upgrade the industry, the derived value tentacles reach the larger market imagination, and this is the key node of the ecological development of the industry. BCU has undoubtedly become the best platform for digital value transformation in all walks of life.




Quality Project Roadshow


At this conference, BCU invited a number of high-quality projects for roadshows. The roadshow venues are divided into main venues and financial exhibition areas. The projects cover blockchain industry park incubation projects, corporate services, and blockchain, commerce, finance, real estate, education, etc. Innovation project section.




  • Blockchain RDA Lab

Blockchain RDA Lab is a blockchain laboratory jointly established by BCU and the famous University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in Australia. It aims to jointly study cutting-edge issues in the industry and the new generation of blockchain technology, and launch a series of blockchain education and training. The project is dedicated to the popularization of blockchain knowledge and the transfer of skills.

Blockchain RDA LabBCU与澳洲著名高校悉尼科技大学(UTS)联合建立的区块链实验室,旨在共同研究行业内的尖端问题以及新一代区块链技术,并推出一系列区块链教育培训项目,致力于区块链知识的普及与技能的传授。


 At the roadshow, UTS Lab introduced the latest AI and blockchain research to the guests, and explained the results and applications of the Blockchain Lab from a technical perspective. As an early-stage high-quality project settled in the BCU Blockchain Industrial Park, UTS Labs and BCU launched in-depth cooperation in multiple dimensions, successfully incubated many innovative technology studies, and received strong response in the industry.



  • Dot Technology

Dot Technology is a technology company focused on serving the blockchain industry and fintech related fields. It belongs to the Blockchain United Group and mainly helps B-side customers with business needs related to blockchain and finance to build a technology platform and provide practical applications Level comprehensive technical support, etc., is a strong technology provider trusted by many startup companies and project teams in the industry.

Dot Technology是一家专注服务于区块链行业及金融科技相关领域的科技公司,隶属于Blockchain United集团,主要帮助拥有与区块链、金融相关的业务需求的B端客户搭建技术平台,提供实际应用级的全面技术支持等,是行业内众多创业公司、项目方团队所共同信赖的强大的技术提供方。


In addition, the latest blockchain industry park incubation projects such as brush payment, Slambo, self-service coffee machine, holographic projection, and charging treasure were also displayed at the roadshow site. 



At this financial summit, the Fujian Tea Association successfully entered the BCU Industrial Park! In the future, BCU will use blockchain technology to make detailed and irreversible data on products from the production side, distribution side, and consumer side, and apply smart contracts to ensure the fairness of transactions between growers and buyers. Thereby reducing production and distribution costs, improving brand credibility, and increasing sales profits.


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First Asia-Pacific Financial Blockchain Summit

Author crystal posted on 2018-11-30 00:00:00 UTC

On November 29, 2018, the "First Asia-Pacific Financial Blockchain Summit" co-sponsored by BCU World, Australian U-net, ONOTOP Rating, Bee Blockchain Foundation, Wealth Management Weekly, and Asia-Pacific Financial Investment Association was grandly held at the City Hall of Sydney, Australia . Attending the meeting were Ms. He Shenhuixia, former dean of the Upper House of Commonwealth of Australia, Ms. Emma Wang, founder and chairman of BCU World, former CEO of Tencent's, founder of ONETOP rating, and investor Xiong Jian of U-net Australia. Mr. and other Australian government officials and blockchain industry leaders and technical elites from various regions in the Asia-Pacific region.

20181129日,由BCU World、澳洲U网、ONETOP评级、Bee Blockchain 基金会、理财周刊、亚太金融投资协会联合主办的“首届亚太金融区块链高峰会议”在澳大利亚悉尼市政厅隆重举行。出席会议的有澳大利亚新洲前上议院副院长何沈慧霞女士、BCU World创始人,董事长Emma Wang女士、前腾讯堂巢网CEOONETOP评级创始人张翔先生、澳洲U网投资人熊健先生以及其他澳洲政府要员和来自亚太各地区的区块链行业领袖和技术精英。


Guest speech



At the beginning of the meeting, Ms. Emma, ​​Mr. Zhang Xiang, and Ms. He Shen Huixia took the stage as guest speakers and delivered speeches. It shows the current state of the development of blockchain technology and new ideas for development, and also puts forward more directions on the future development of blockchain.




Ms. Emma delivered a speech, expressing the importance of this financial blockchain summit held during the downturn of the blockchain industry. This will not only affect the fighting spirit of the entire industry, but also show the participation of the blockchain industry. Those who have gone through the storms and believe in the determination of the future.




Mr. Zhang Xiang delivered a speech. In his speech, Mr. Zhang Xiang also expressed his views on the blockchain industry. From his decades of experience, he seemed to convey the necessary path for a new field. It also put forward more new ideas for the future development of blockchain technology and technology applications.




Government representative Ms. He Shenhuixia said in her speech: "The Australian government has always been optimistic and positive about the development of blockchain technology. The blockchain laboratory composed of professional and technical personnel has made in-depth research and application of blockchain technology At the same time, the government's sound regulatory policies have also created a good ecological environment for industry innovation and development. "



BCU Industrial Park License Signing Ceremony

BCU 产业园授牌签约仪式


More than 20 projects including the Asia-Pacific Sunshine Chain, Bee Blockchain Foundation, ONETOP Super Species, V-Meow, Dotstar, etc. were officially settled in the BCU Industrial Park. It also heralded more and better cooperation in the future and opened a new chapter.

随后举行的BCU产业园授牌签约仪式,包括:亚太阳光链、Bee Blockchain基金会、ONETOP超级物种、V-Meow、Dotstar等20多个项目正式入驻BCU产业园。也预示着未来更多更好的合作,开启了全新篇章。










Topic speech



First one , Mr. Xiong Jian, an investor from U-net Australia, Ms. Liu Shuang, an international tax expert, Mark Sinclair, a leader in financial education, and Tim Lea, author of the book "Down the rabbit hole: discover the power of the blockchain" Guests spoke on topics such as capital security tax compliance and risk, security tokens and cryptocurrencies in the blockchain industry.

期间,澳洲U网投资人熊健先生、国际税务专家刘爽女士、金融教育领军人物Mark Sinclair和著有《Down the rabbit hole: discover the power of the blockchain》等书的作者作者Tim Lea作为主题演讲嘉宾围绕区块链行业资本安全税收合规与风险、安全令牌与加密货币等话题发表了演讲。



Mr. Xiong Jian expressed his views on the development of blockchain in 2019 with the theme of economic thinking instead of technical thinking. Mr. Xiong said, "Blockchain is a new technology that is well known to most people between 17-18 years, but in 19 years, the industry's development trend and direction will begin to change to blockchain The impact on business models or economic models, the stage in which economic thinking dominates technical thinking has begun. "





Dr. Mark Sinclair is giving a speech. Dr. Mark began providing financial services education in 2003. Dr. Mark has always wanted to provide students with high-level and high-satisfaction services. During his career, Mark has advised senior managers in more than 100 industries including Australia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Includes strategic assignments for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the Department of Education, Telstra and the Reserve Bank of Indonesia. In his speech, Dr. Mark demonstrated the impact of blockchain technology on the future and the necessity of developing this technology based on the principles of blockchain technology.



Mark Sinclair博士正在发表演说演讲。Mark博士于2003年开始提供金融服务教育,Mark博士一直希望能够为学生提供高水平,高满意度的服务。在他的职业生涯中,Mark曾为澳大利亚、东南亚和中东地区等100多个行业的高级管理人员提供咨询。包括澳大利亚联邦银行、教育部、Telstra和印度尼西亚储备银行的战略任务。在演讲中,Mark博士从区块链技术原理为基础像现场来宾展示了区块链技术对于未来的影响,已及发展这项技术的必要性。



The famous writer Tim Lea has a deep research on blockchain technology, and combines the development and research of blockchain technology in various countries. The impact of blockchain technology on the future is described.

著名作家Tim Lea对区块链技术有着深刻的研究,并结合了各国对区块链技术的发展和研究。讲述了区块链技术对未来的影响力。



Ms. Liu Shuang emphasized the importance of taxation in her speech. With the guests on site, they explained in detail the capital security tax compliance and risks of the blockchain industry.




Inauguration Ceremony of International Tax Academy



The inauguration ceremony of the Fortune Tax School of Australia was successfully held at this summit. Mr. Shuang Liu from China Tax International was officially hired as the dean, and Mr. Yu Yong was the vice president.





Roundtable and Project Roadshow




During the afternoon, a guest panel composed of industry experts held a round table on the hot topics in the current blockchain industry and shared their experiences and views. During the period, 8 project parties including Asia-Pacific Sunshine Chain, Dotstar, U-Coin, Bit-Z, Bee Blockchain, V-Meow conducted project roadshows, and an expert committee composed of Ms. Emma Wang and Mr. Zhang Xiang conducted various projects. Rating and scoring.

下午期间,由行业专家组成的嘉宾团就目前区块链行业的热门话题进行了圆桌会议,分享了自己的经验与看法。期间,亚太阳光链、Dotstar、U-Coin、Bit-Z、Bee Blockchain、V-Meow等8个项目方进行了项目路演,由Emma Wang女士,张翔先生等组成的专家委员会对各项目进行了评级和打分。












Cruise celebration and awards ceremony


After the meeting, under the arrangement of the organizer, a celebratory banquet was held on the luxury cruise with all guests, and the daytime roadshow project was awarded. Best Fintech Awards: U Object Chain, Australian U Network Starfish Project, Asia Pacific Sunshine Chain; Fintech Leader Awards: Winson Cao, Xiang Zhang, Adrain Shi; Best Investment Award: Dottechnology pty Ltd; Best Investment Agency Award: Bisan fund management ptyLtd.

会后,在主办方的安排下与所有来宾在豪华游轮上举办了会议庆功宴,并对白天路演项目进行了颁奖。金融科技最佳新锐奖:U物链,澳洲U网海星计划,亚太阳光链;金融科技领军人物奖:Winson Cao, Xiang Zhang, Adrain Shi;最佳投资人物奖:Dottechnology pty Ltd;最佳投资机构奖:Bisan fund management ptyLtd。






The first Financial Blockchain Summit is just a starting point. The development of the blockchain industry and the application of technology will have a wider world in the future. This financial blockchain summit led by BCU is also the first time that the blockchain industry experts across the Asia-Pacific region have gathered to make their own contributions to the development of the blockchain industry. We look forward to the next summit.



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The 2nd International Science and Technology Park (Shanghai) Expo-Blockchain Enabling Real Economy Forum Held Successfully

Author crystal posted on 2018-11-08 00:00:00 UTC

On November 8, 2018, in the Second International Science and Technology Park (Shanghai) Expo, the Blockchain Enabling Real Economy Forum hosted by BCU World was successfully held in Shanghai. Emma Wang, founder of BCUWorld, Wu Yuanwen, chairman of Beijing Hongchangtong Technology Co., Ltd., and Chang Qing, chairman of Beijing Shumei Technology Co., Ltd. attended the forum as important guests and delivered speeches.

2018年11月8日,在第二届国际科创园(上海)博览会中,由BCU World主办的区块链赋能实体经济论坛在上海成功召开。BCUWorld创始人Emma Wang,北京宏畅通科技有限公司董事长武源文以及北京数美科技有限公司董事长常青作为重要嘉宾出席了论坛,并发表了讲话。


Global development of blockchain and regulations of various countries


At the beginning of the forum, Emma Wang, the founder of BCU World, gave a speech on the global development of blockchain and the laws and regulations of various countries. Emma started from BCU World's own story and discussed the development of blockchain globally with every guest present. BCUWorld was established in Australia in March this year. From a new type of company to now being able to become the leading organization of Australian blockchain business, Emma knows the hardships and difficulties of this road. In less than a year, BCU World has more than ten branches in Australian cities, as well as China, North America and Southeast Asia, and is still growing rapidly. During this period, BCUWorld has also established its own blockchain industrial park in Vietnam and other places, which aims to provide one-stop industry incubation for high-quality blockchain projects, and will also integrate global blockchain resources. Emma also mentioned in his speech that the rapid development of BCU World is also inseparable from the country's emphasis on the blockchain industry and its policy support.

论坛伊始,BCU World创始人EmmaWang就区块链全球发展与各国的法规为主题发表了演讲。Emma从BCU  World自己的故事为起点,和在场的每位来宾探讨起区块链在全球的发展情况。BCUWorld今年3月份成立于澳大利亚,从一个新型企业到现在能够成为澳大利亚区块链业务的领先组织,Emma深知这一路的艰辛与不易。在这不到一年的时间里,BCU World 已在澳洲各城市,以及中国,北美和东南亚地区拥有了十余家分部,现在仍在高速的成长中。在这期间BCUWorld也已在越南等地成立了自己的区块链产业园,旨在为优质的区块链项目提供一站式产业孵化,也会进行全球区块链资源整合。Emma在讲话中也提到,BCU World的高速发展,也是离不开澳大利亚这个国家对于区块链行业的重视和政策支持。


We know that since the blockchain technology is well known, it has received great attention and attention from global financial institutions, innovative companies, scientific research institutions, and government departments such as domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions. However, the current development of the blockchain industry in various countries in the world has shown great differences in terms of policy environment, industry analysis, and technological progress. Compared with the global market performance, Australia has shown distinctive characteristics in the development of the blockchain industry. At present, it has become a representative country of the global blockchain area that cannot be ignored.



Regarding the attitude of cryptocurrencies, the Australian government defines it as a digital value representative, which can be used as an intermediary, value and storage or account unit for exchange, and allowed to be issued by institutions outside the government, and can also be exchanged with fiat currencies. It is available to the public without any restrictions on its use.The Australian government's regulation of digital currencies is mainly to determine whether a type of digital currency is a financial product. According to relevant Australian laws and regulations, if a digital currency constitutes an investment management plan, stocks, derivatives, and non-cash payment facilities, it will Regulatory framework for enabling financial products.



As for the blockchain projects, according to statistics, there are currently 92 blockchain projects registered in Australia and Australia, accounting for about 32% of the global total, ranking seventh. In addition, according to data, Australian blockchain project financing has reached A $ 30.5 million, ranking 17th in the world.




Blockchain builds infrastructure for big data application ecology


That is, after Emma's speech, Mr. Wu Yuanwen, Chairman of Beijing Hongchangtong Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the infrastructure for building a big data application ecology on the blockchain. Blockchain technology is the first time that it has successfully provided a decentralized trust solution, realizing that it does not require a central authority or a third party to coordinate interactions, verify transactions or supervision, and also solves the double problem of digital assets on the Internet. The problem of use, the data reached consensus through consensus algorithms. Wu Yuanwen said that one of the biggest values ​​of blockchain technology is the combination with big data. Blockchain technology will be the key technology for building a socialized big data platform. The combination of blockchain and big data will solve the deep problems of data interconnection and open sharing.

即 Emma的发言后,北京宏畅通科技有限公司董事长武源文先生介绍了有关区块链构建大数据应用生态的基础设施。区块链技术是第一次成功的提供了去中心化的信任解决方案,实现了不需要一个中央权力机构或第三方来协调互动,验证交易或监管,同时也解决了互联网络上数字资产双重使用的问题,数据通过共识算法达成了一致性。武源文表示区块链技术的最大价值之一就是与大数据的结合。区块链技术将是构建社会化大数据平台的关键技术,区块链与大数据的结合将会解决数据互联互通,开放共享的深层次问题。


Application of blockchain in insurance


Regarding the application of blockchain technology is not only in the field of big data, Mr. Chang Qing, chairman of Beijing Shumei Technology Co., Ltd. and chairman of Beijing Honganxin Insurance Agency Co., Ltd., has discussed the application of blockchain in the field. Guests shared. The unique open ecosystem of blockchain technology can directly obtain the consumer demand of users in various fields and provide users with more accurate services. In the end, Mr. Chang Qing also said that blockchain technology will greatly help to achieve a breakthrough in the field of personal insurance, help personal insurance to open the boundaries between individuals, hospitals, social security, and commercial insurance, and build a new type of chain for personal medical data. In order to achieve a new mode of operation of the entire industry.




Round table meeting



The second item of the forum is the round table meeting time for the guests. Among them, Ms. Emma, ​​Mr. Wu Yuanwen, Mr. Chang Qing, and Mr. Peter, Executive Director of Asia Pacific Sunshine Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the differences of blockchain compliance, global compliance and overseas park And the introduction of talents. Mr. Zhang Haihang, General Manager of Xiamen Branch of BCU World, and Peng Qing, a Hyperpay development participant, Danny Nie, Chairman of Fanpu Group, and Jolly, Product Director of Kaston Technology Co., Ltd. The issues of application grounding and exploration were heatedly discussed.

论坛的第二项内容是现场嘉宾的圆桌会议时间,其中Emma女士,武源文先生,常青先生以及亚太阳光科技公司执行董事Peter先生就区块链合规、全球化合规的差异、海外园区介绍及人才引进内容作了深入探讨。而BCU World厦门分公司总经理张海航先生与Hyperpay开发参与者彭晴、澳洲梵普集团董事长DannyNie、卡斯顿科技有限公司产品总监Jolly就区块链推助振兴发展实体经济、区块链应用落地实践与探索的问题进行了热烈讨论。



The forum came to an end in the fierce discussions among the guests. The implementation and exploration of the blockchain to promote the revitalization of the real economy and blockchain applications may still be a long way to go, but every pioneer who promotes blockchain technology has great confidence in this. We believe that the implementation and implementation of each new technology will experience a period of turbulence, but it will eventually reach the peak of light. Just like this rainy Shanghai in November, at the end of the forum, we saw the moment when it suddenly broke through the sunrise, and saw the sun spread into the venue through the glass window and projected on Emma. When the sun came in, we knew that the spring of the blockchain industry was not far away.







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BCU Sydney is officially established

Author crystal posted on 2018-10-29 00:00:00 UTC

On October 29, 2018, Wu Yuanwen, vice president of China Blockchain Finance Association, deputy director of the Blockchain Committee of the Communications Industry Association, chairman of Hong Changtong Technology Co., Ltd., chairman of FXPLUS, and former secretary of the Asia Pacific Financial Association , Emma Wang, founder and chairman of BCU WORLD, director of Asia Pacific of TIIS International College, chairman of Sydney Cryptocurrency Exchange, former president of Huawei Australia Chen, Ian Tam, president of Lu Tan Consulting, Bruno Meoli, president of Australia-China University Health Industry Chamber of Commerce, The launching ceremony of "BCU SYDNEY UNITED" jointly established by Charlie Cai, President of Sheng Kun International and President of DRC Sydney, was successfully held in Sydney.

20181029日,由中国区块链金融协会副会长,通信工业协会区块链委员会副主任,宏畅通科技有限公司董事长武源文,FXPLUS富甲金融学院董事长,前亚太金融协会秘书,TIIS国际学院亚太总监BCU WORLD创始人兼董事长Emma Wang, 悉尼加密数字货币交易所董事长,前华为澳洲总裁Chen,陆谭咨询公司总裁Ian Tam,澳中大健康产业商会会长Bruno Meoli, 盛坤国际总裁, DRC Sydney总裁Charlie Cai联合成立的悉尼区块链联盟BCU SYDNEY UNITED)启动仪式在悉尼顺利举行。



BCU Sydney reaches strategic cooperation with Beijing Hongchangtong Technology Co., Ltd. 

BCU Sydney与北京宏畅通科技有限公司达成战略合作

Blockchain United (BCU) was founded in March 2018.It is jointly formed by elites from various industries such as global finance, technology, IT, marketing, consulting, etc., and is committed to creating barriers between the real world and the digital world to help the blockchain Technology completes the perfect landing in real life and fundamentally enhances the operating efficiency of human society. This time BCU Sydney and Beijing Hongchangtong Technology Co., Ltd. reached a strategic partnership, which is undoubtedly a strong alliance to accelerate the development of blockchain technology and its application in real life. Just as Wu Yuanwen, vice chairman of the China Blockchain Finance Association, deputy director of the Blockchain Committee of the Communications Industry Association, and chairman of Hongchangtong Technology Co., Ltd. said at the conference: , The need for upstream and downstream resources of the industry, the need for business consultation, the need to connect the exchanges, and the operation of the community to promote all aspects of resources. So in order to better land the project, we urgently need the resources of all parties as nodes to participate Mechanism, everyone can warm up, embrace good projects, embrace good teams, and let them succeed as soon as possible so that this industry can develop. This is also the mission of BCU Sydney. " Emma Wang, the founder and chairman of IBCU WORLD, gave high recognition to this, and expressed the expectation of future cooperation with Hongchangtong Technology Co., Ltd.

Blockchain UnitedBCU)创立于20183月,是由来自全球金融、科技、IT、营销、咨询等各个行业的精英共同组建,致力于打造现实世界与数字世界之间的壁垒,帮助区块链技术完成在现实生活的完美落地,从根本上增益于人类社会的运行效率。这次BCU Sydney与北京宏畅通科技有限公司达成战略合作伙伴,无疑是强强联合,加速推动区块链技术的发展和在现实生活中的应用。正如中国区块链金融协会副会长,通信工业协会区块链委员会副主任,宏畅通科技有限公司董事长武源文在会议说道:区块链项目的落地都需要多项资源的配合,需要资本、需要产业上下游的资源、需要业务的咨询、需要上交易所的对接,以及社区的运营等方方面面资源的共同推动。所以为了项目更好的落地,我们迫切需要各方资源作为节点共同参与的机制,大家可以抱团取暖,拥抱好的项目,拥抱好的团队,让他们尽快成功,这样这个产业才能发展起来。这同样也是BCU 悉尼成立的使命IBCU WORLD创始人兼董事长Emma Wang对此给予了高度认可,并表示期待接下来与宏畅通科技有限公司的合作。


BCU Sydney signs formal contract with Australia-China University Health Blockchain Project

BCU Sydney 澳中大健康区块链项目正式签约

The Australia-China University Health Blockchain Project belongs to the application of traditional industries in blockchain technology. Bruno Meoli, President of the Australia-China University Health Industry Chamber of Commerce introduced the important mission of the Australia-China University Health Industry Chamber of Commerce to build a communication bridge between Australia and China. At the same time, he hopes that blockchain technology can optimize the Australian health industry industrial structure and trace product fidelity. , Expressed great expectations. In the meeting, Charlie Cai, the sponsor of the Australia-China University Health Blockchain Project, introduced the opportunities and challenges that the project will face after the implementation of the new "e-commerce law" in China. As well as the Australian and Chinese University Health Industry Chain, it will integrate the resources of professional buyers, consumers, intelligent sorting centers, distributors, brands, broadcasters, and pharmacists in the Australian and Chinese University Health Industry to reform the traditional business model , Accelerate the transmission and matching of supply and demand information, reduce costs, and allow more consumers to enjoy high-quality health products and services at a low threshold. The original intention of the Australia-China University Health Blockchain Project is highly consistent with the purpose of BCU Sydney. The leaders of both sides expressed their great anticipation for this cooperation, and will make every effort to promote the smooth development of the project, and contribute to the promotion of the Australian, Chinese and large health industries.

澳中大健康区块链项目属于传统产业在区块链技术中的应用。澳中大健康产业商会会长Bruno Meoli 介绍了澳中大健康产业商会为澳中两国搭建沟通桥梁的重要使命,同时期待区块链技术能为优化澳大利亚健康产业产业结构,产品保真溯源等,表达了极大的期待。在会议中,澳中大健康区块链项目发起人Charlie Cai,介绍了项目在中国新《电商法》实施后,将迎来的机遇和挑战。以及澳中大健康产业链,将整合澳中大健康产业的专业买手、消费者、智能分拣中心、经销商、品牌商、播主、药剂师在内的各主体资源,改革传统业务模式,加速供需信息的传递和匹配效能,降低成本,让更多的消费者低门槛的享受到优质的健康产品和服务。澳中大健康区块链项目的发起初衷与BCU Sydney的宗旨高度吻合。双方负责人都表示非常期待这次的合作,定会竭尽全力推动项目的顺利发展,为推动澳中大健康产业贡献出力量。



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