BCU IBD is committed to tapping and incubating the world's top blockchain projects, providing a full range of incubation services for emerging blockchain project teams, including market announcements, legal risk control, investor recommendation, and technical support, allowing project participants to focus on the product itself and helping those traditional high-quality companies better integrate blockchain technology to solve existing problems within their industries.

The main services we provided are

Global Road Show

Regular monthly activities in China and Australia. Invite well-known project parties and investors to share in the industry. Unscheduled multinational tour.

White Paper

Industry Participation and comments sharing on feasibility of business model, Search of technical partners based on project technical solutions. Entire supporting on White Paper Witten.

Legal Compliance

Help establish a compliance body, Provide license support, whitelist and KYC certification, White paper lawyer review, SAFT signed.

Investor Referral

Introduce cornerstone investor to project proponent, Professional VC in the field of blockchain, Potential investors such as traditional equity VCs.

Community Promotion

Help the project to publish media reports, Provide community building, brand SEO optimization and other services, Collaborate to organize targeted candy airdrops.

Secondary Market

Provide online market value management after going online. Secondary market risk control, Strategic arbitrage and other services.

BCU Fund

The BCU Fund, in conjunction with many well-known investment institutions in the industry, will create the most globalized blockchain industry fund. It not only helps investors find high-quality investment targets, but also helps young and potential blockchain start-ups to obtain capital support, thus promoting the vigorous development of the blockchain industry.

Direct Funding

BCU Direct funding is specially designed to centralize high-quality blockchain projects in the primary and secondary markets. As of July 2018, it has invested in 6 projects, mainly participating in the emerging main chain and fundamental crypt currencies. The average yield of a project is over 300%.

Quantitative management

The Quantitative Fund team has a unique tracking database in the world, covering the transaction depth, real trading volume, and order book information of more than 30 exchanges. With years of foreign exchange and stock market experience allow us to understand the integration mechanism and exchange server of all major trading engines as well as working principle.

At present, the Sharpe ratio fund of the quantitative fund is much higher than the mainstream currency such as Bitcoin, which is several times more than the traditional asset class. We believe that applying machine learning and statistical rules, data-driven quantitative strategies will lead the future of investment trends.

BCU R&D Centre

The BCU R&D centre has strong technical team support, and IT engineers from all over the world are working on the development of blockchain technology, new energy, big data analysis and AI intelligent algorithms around the clock in all BCU branches. At the same time, the R&D centre also cooperates with many well-known universities in Australia, including The University of Sydney, The University of New South Wales Sydney and The University of Technology Sydney to jointly establish research laboratories and carry out talent strategic reserve plans to explore the infinite possibilities of cutting-edge technology.