Management Team

Our team consists of elites from different industries. We can provide our clients with full services ranging from professional incubation services, technical support to project evaluation and fundraising services. We build a robust process to help great blockchain project teams realize their business model.

Dr Mark Sinclair

- Education Leader of Blockchain United
- Doctor of Business Administration (RMIT)
- Founder Mentor Education
- Former KPMG QCI ISO9000 Lead Auditor
- Former Manager with AT Kearney and KPMG Management Consulting


- BCU Executive Director
- President of Asia Pacific Financial Investment Association
- Has established a number of well-knownfinancial companies
- Former Regional Manager of the World's Top 500 Enterprises

Roger Mullan

- BCU Compliance Manager
- Executive Director board roles at 4 ASIC licensed organizations
- Responsible Manager at 2 financial services business across Australian and International Capital Market

Consultant Team

Our consultants are all the most authoritative experts within their own fields, such as finance, marketing, legal compliance, IT and investment. They can give us professional and cutting-edged advices in every aspect.

Wencheng QIU

- Founder and Foundation Chairman of LidoCapital
- Executive Dean,Beijing Digital And Blockchain Technology Research Institute
- Founder or cofounder of multiple blockchain projects
- Senior blockchain research expert

Leon SUN

- Founder of EOS eco-node EOSIO.SG
- 6 years of experience in social networking product design and development
- Full stack engineer with more than 10 years’ experience

John XU

- Founder of SpectreLinkers Law Firm
- Extensive financial legal service experience
- Has a Bachelor of Economics and Law from UNSW

Brian YE

- Founder and Director of CNPower Group
- Australian Institute of Certified Public Accountants
- Extensive experience in business, taxation and corporate services

George TIAN

- Senior lecturer, University of Technology Sydney
- Domain Name Arbitrator, World Intellectual Property Organization of the United Nations
- Visiting Scholar, Oxford University

Guandong XU

- Associate Professor, UTS
- Main research in data mining and data analysis, social network analysis and social media mining
- Expert in the underlying technology of Blockchain


- CBA Futures Exchange PIT Futures Trader
- ANZ Management Agency Futures Desk
- Macquarie Bank Manages Futures Desk


- Blue Fin Capital Founder
- ASX Derivatives Advisor Certification
- Citibank Global Asset Management


- Senior Blockchain Technology Expert
- Active Member of EOS Technical Community
- Years of experience in distributed service development